Histological Staining Techniques

Gomori, 1946; Grocott, 1955.

Gelatine coated slides recommended but not essential. Use a positive control section.


Fungal hyphae, (also mucins, chitin, melanin, amoebae and glycogen) - black.
Background - green.

Stock solution (hexamine silver)

5mls of 5% aqueous silver nitrate.
100mls of 3% aqueous hexamine.
Store at 4oC keeps for 1-2 months.

Working solution

To 25mls of the above stock solution add 2mls of 5% aqueous borax, (sodium tetraborate, kept in 37oC incubator to prevent crystal formation), and 25mls of distilled water and mix. Put the solution into a clean coplin jar in a 60oC water bath and allow to reach temperature before use.

Note: If the background becomes too silver-stained it may be partially removed by going back to the gold toning step and repeating it for 5 minutes. (Continue the rest of the steps again as normal.)

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