Histological Staining Techniques

Harris 1900, Mallory 1938.


Nuclei - blue.
Other tissue components - shades of red and pink.

Harris' haematoxylin

Haematoxylin - 5g.
100% alcohol - 50mls
Potassium alum - 100g.
Distilled water - 1 litre
Mercuric oxide - 2.5g.
Glacial acetic acid - 40mls

Dissolve the potassium alum in the water by warming and stirring. Dissolve the haematoxylin in the alcohol and add. Bring rapidly to the boil remove from heat and add the mercuric oxide. Cool, add the acetic acid and filter. Ready for use immediately.


1% eosin Y (yellowish) in TAP water. Add a crystal of thymol to prevent the growth of moulds.

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