Histological Staining Techniques

Masson's Trichrome Stain

Lillie, R.D., 1948


Nuclei - Black
Cytoplasm, keratin, muscle fibres, intercellular fibres - red.
Collagen, mucins - blue (or green).


  1. Red solution:
    1% Biebrich scarlet - 90 ml
    1% Acid fuchsin - 10 ml
    Glacial acetic acid - 1 ml
  1. Blue dye: 2.5% aniline blue in 2% acetic acid
  2. Green dye: 2% light green in 0.8% acetic acid

NB This method is fine-tuned for tissues processed using our protocols as outlined here. If other methods for fixation and/or processing are used the timings may have to be changed; specifically the differentiation of the red dye and staining time of the blue/green dye. This may require an amount of trial and error before the correct timings are achieved.

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