Histological Staining Techniques

Schmorl for lipofuscins
Golodetz and Unna, 1909.
Use a positive control section.


Lipofuscins, (also melanin, liver bile, haematoidin, argentaffin cells, chromaffin cells, sulphydryl groups) - varying shades of blue/black.
Nuclei - red.

Incubating solution
1% ferric chloride (dilute 'Analar' 60%*) - 37.5mls.
1% potassium ferricyanide (fresh)- 5mls.
Distilled water- 7.5mls.
*0.625mls 'Analar' ferric chloride in 37.5mls distilled water.

Make the incubating solution up fresh and use within 30 minutes.

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