Histological Staining Techniques

Page, 1965, 1970.
Use 7-10µm sections, or 10-15µm sections for central nervous system (C.N.S.)


Peripheral nerve.
Eosinophil granules, myelin, red blood cells, muscle, nuclei (in descending order of intensity) - blue.


Counterstained with van Gieson, as above but with collagen - red and cytoplasm - yellow.

Solochrome cyanine solution
Add 0.5ml conc. sulphuric acid to 0.2g solochrome cyanine RS in a flask. Stir well with a glass rod until dissolved. Add 96mls distilled water and 4mls 10% aqueous iron alum. Mix and filter. Keeps well.

Solochrome cyanine RS is also referred to as Eriochrome cyanine R (both are C.I. number 43820).

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